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Buying Human Hair Extensions 101

I remember the day back in 2017 I was headed to the hair store to buy human hair extensions for the first time, and I literally had NO CLUE what to even shop for. I had a million of questions in my head, I didn't know if I wanted bundles or a wig, long or short, closure or frontal. I was indecisive about density and texture all while on a budget. Thanks to the worker at the hair store I ended up buying three short Brazilian bundles of wet and wavy and a 4x4 closure to match and still did not go over my budget! The worker helped me with everything she answered all my questions and even gave me advice on how to care for my extensions. If this is your first time buying human hair extensions you probably can relate to me having no clue on what to purchase. Well if you do relate there is a few things you can take into consideration when buying human hair extensions for the first time: your price range, the style you are trying to achieve, and weather or not you want something high maintenance or low maintenance.

Your Price Range

The first thing you should consider when purchasing human hair extensions is how much you want to spend. Human hair usually can cost anywhere from $100 to $5000 depending on length, color, texture, quality and more. When determining a price range It is helpful to understand that frontals will usually cost more then closures, the longer the hair the more expensive it will get and most importantly great quality extensions will not be cheap! For your first purchase we suggest that you do not spend no less than $180 and no more than $500 this will help you find great quality hair and you'll also have room to choose longer lengths. Our Silver Collection is great quality hair for first time buyers and our prices ranges from $180 to $425.

The Style

Knowing what style you desire is another important factor when purchasing human hair extensions. Weather you want a sew-in with leave out, a quick weave, frontal wig install or a closure sew-in matters. Certain hair extensions need to be used for certain styles for example if you wanted to get a frontal sew-in you would need to purchase 2-3 bundles and a lace frontal piece or if you wanted to get a closure wig install you would need a purchase a closure wig. It is also important to take what texture and color you want into consideration. We suggest you contact a trusted hair stylist so you will be able to purchase exactly what is need for your desired style.

Low & High Maintenance

It is also very important when purchasing your hair extensions to think about how much maintenance you want to deal with when taking care of them. Virgin Hair usually takes less manipulation than Raw Hair. Some hair extensions like frontals and 360 wigs also take more manipulation and normally needs to be installed by a profession stylist and retouched often. While closures t-part, and headband wigs takes less manipulation, are great

for beginners and usually can be installed at home. This goes hand and hand with choosing your style, textures like Deep Wave, Water Wave and Jerry Curl may need a little bit more maintenance than straight & body wave. Longer and denser hair may also need way more maintenance than short and less dense hair.

All in All

All in all buying human hair extensions for time can honestly be confusing and you do have to take a lot under consideration before purchasing. We hope this helps you when deciding what your first purchase will be. We do suggest new buyers to purchase something 180% density or less, a closure instead or a frontal and a texture like body wave or straight for easier manipulation. Your first human hair extensions should be easy to care for so we do suggest you go for Virgin hair instead of Raw. After taking all these things into consideration, find what best works for you & go for it!

Water Wave Lace Front Wig

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