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Top 3 New Valentino Products

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

2021 was great for Valentino Hair Co. but 2022 is definitely going to be better! Just this month Valentino Hair Co. released over 5 new products & here are the top three:

Our Valentino Hair Care Bundle is the perfect bundle for installing you extensions, it has everything you need. This bundle is perfect for stylist or for our Queens that like to do their own hair. This bundle includes Lace tint, Hair Curl Mousse, Lace Glue Remover, Lace Glue, wax stick & edge control! Products can be purchased in a bundle or sold individually!

2. Valentino Silk Bonnets

Our silk bonnets is a perfect way to protect your hair extensions at night. When wearing hair extension how you take care of your hair is so important & one important hair care tip you don’t want to skip is wrapping up your extensions & wearing your silk bonnet while sleeping! Don’t forget to grab your Valentino Silk Bonnet before heading to checkout.

3. Valentino Mink Lashes

Our mink lashes are perfect for... well everyone. Everybody loves Mink lashes. Valentino

Hair Co. now offers 8 different styles of Mink Lashes. Queen, Diamond, Jade, Scarlett, Star, Sapphire, Royalty & Envy!

2022 is truly the year of NEW, we hope you enjoy these new additions to Valentino Hair Co. We plan to continue to expand & grow as the years go by. Leave us a comment & let us know what new product(s) you plan on trying?


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